10 Benefits of Laravel PHP Framework

10 Benefits of Laravel PHP Framework

PHP is unquestionably the most prevailing web programming language, energizing millions of web portals with Laravel being the mainstream framework chosen by the majority of developers to create versatile web projects. This article will cover the 10 primary benefits that users get from using Laravel as well as a general introduction to the framework and its features.

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Introduction to Laravel

Introduction to Laravel

Laravel framework has taken PhP to new heights. This framework is a newbie to the IT industry, which can be quite daunting, but at the same time it has been fortunate enough in attracting a lot of users. In the more technical terms:

Laravel, a PHP framework, is an open-source toolbox that aids in developing high-end applications.

Taylor Otwell is considered as the Godfather of the Laravel framework. It was almost seven years ago when it was first released in June 2011 with the main aim of encouraging the procedure of web application development. Laravel framework uses the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural scheme for web development. It is also based on Symfony and can be implemented for enterprises.

There are numerous attributes of Laravel which we are going to explore in the section below. But before moving on to that discussion, notice that the Laravel source code can be easily obtained from GitHub and it is also certified under the particulars of an MIT License. Laravel for web application development works under the ideology of taking the strain out of many common web development tasks and making the entire experience more elegant, expressive, rich and fulfilling.

Laravel PHP framework features

Laravel PHP framework features

It almost goes without saying that the major reason behind the immense popularity of this framework is its wide range of features. For this section we will go through some of them and also try to answer the question of what is Laravel used for.



Since the release of Laravel 3, bundles have been responsible for providing a modular packaging system. The initial move in bundle making is to create a folder for the bundle inside the directory of your bundles.

These are the core of the amendments that were presented in Laravel 3.0. It is an easily approachable system to assemble source code into suitable ‘bundles.’ A bundle can possess its unique configuration, views, routes, tasks, migrations, etc. It could be anything from a secure authentication system to a database ORM.

Vivid ORM

Vivid ORM

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is a progressive PHP implementation. It maps all the active record sequences. This particular feature allows Laravel to provide all database tables as explicit classes.

Query Builder

This feature has been available to users since Laravel 3 and it is responsible for providing users with alternative direct database access to the Eloquent ORM. It also provides all users with a collection of techniques and classes, which further have the ability of programmatically building all queries. With the help of this feature, users can also cache the results of the queries which have been executed previously.

Application Logic

This feature is an integral part of most developed applications. It can be implemented as a major part of the route declarations or it can be implemented by using different controllers.

Reverse Routing

This feature defines the relationship which exists between all routes and links. It allows users to make changes to routes at a later time. It is also important for the readers to remember that with the creation of the links, uniform resource identifiers are also created almost simultaneously.

Advantages of Laravel PHP Framework

Advantages of Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel PHP is among the most popular web development framework because of its feature-rich and flexible nature, and the benefits of Laravel framework are widely embraced by developers around the globe. Laravel PHP is an ideal pick for diverse web development needs and varying project nature for several reasons, including:

Integrity and Flexibility of Source Code

Integrity and Flexibility of Source Code

PHP source code is flexible and versatile in nature. It is congenial with all the prominent platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and MacOS, and it backs a majority of the servers (such as Microsoft IIS, Caudium, Xitami, Apache, iPlanet, Netscape and Tornado) and over twenty databases (including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.).

For this reason, PHP is usually preferred for building cross-platform apps: it empowers enterprises to leverage their current foundation with minimum expenses.

PHP Framework is Low Budget

PHP is open source and available for free across the web, which makes it gain loyalty among web developers. One is not charged any fees to download. Also, it does not need any sort of licensing for usage.

There is an excellent number of solutions based on PHP whose viability have previously been experimented on, so agencies need not fund efforts to customize or reinvent the wheel.

Quicker Time-to-market

Quicker Time-to-market

As of now, every industry wants to accelerate their digital transformation, and for that reason it is essential to pick the appropriate web app development approach. Selecting the Laravel framework stimulates the growth of web apps.

Hence, you can launch your web product almost in no time, as opposed to using other web development frameworks. This is Laravel’s main appeal to companies who need growth fast.

Easy to Develop Multilingual Web Apps

Another advantage PHP Laravel offers is development services for building multilingual web applications.

For the industries who are contemplating how to enhance their business stretch over several nations with specific languages, Laravel PHP is the best pick to satisfy your particular needs. Using the Laravel PHP, your web app can be effortlessly created for several languages.

Development in PHP is Doesn’t Require Much Time

PHP makes it possible for developers to reuse the previously written source code. Reusable PHP segments cut costs, spare development time and eventually lower the struggles made by the developers while developing a PHP based web or mobile solution.

There are numerous available PHP frameworks, such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, WordPress, Joomla, and more. All of these bear its private features and functionality. It provides robust, secure, fast and stable development in explicit domains.

PHP was independently customized and optimized to make it possible to develop web apps promptly. It has such built-in features and functionalities as locating the POST & GET and operating with URLs and HTML.

For organizations, it implies that the time (and, therefore, funds) required for the development drops and the IT service or product developed on PHP can begin delivering greater ROI beforehand.

Future-ready Web Applications

The Laravel PHP web app development framework is growing with each passing day. With its commencement, we’ve noticed the expanding inclination towards the Laravel PHP. That inclination is empowering modern web designers, developers and organizations to draw amazing features and functionalities that linger in our memories of the latest technology trends and needs.

This enables you to access future-ready web applications notwithstanding switching technology demands.

Highly Secure and Protected Authorization

Highly Secure and Protected Authorization

Laravel offers an authorization system that is stable and robust as a rock. It promotes industry and authorization and interprets managing admittance to sources.

The PHP framework Laravel originates with built-in safety characteristics, like hashed and salted passwords. This indicates that the password is not stored in a manuscript pattern, preferably it is encrypted with the help of a hashing algorithm that protects the framework from getting hacked. An experienced Laravel PHP development partner acknowledges how to fully employ the security features of Laravel to create a profoundly secured web application.


The expansion of Laravel PHP in recent years has been phenomenal, and its reputation is still covering a broad range of the global market. The primary industry standards of PHP incorporates scalability, cost-efficiency, compatibility, an unmatched level of user-friendliness and simplicity.

It is more and more frequently in alliance with different technologies, making Laravel PHP a perfect fit for IT project development of any sort: from simple sites to large marketplaces and CRM solutions.

We have discussed above all the possible benefits that Laravel PHP can offer to both developers as well as business owners. If your are still looking for a web development company to help you find the benefits of working with the Laravel PHP, then contact Newizze today.

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