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Our company was founded in 2009. We started our work on a freelance platform. Now we are known as «Top Rated Agency with 100% Success Score» on a freelance website. It means that we have an excellent level of client satisfaction and project quality.

We live in a wonderful time of the human technological development. Every day we’re closer to the stars.
The world must have the auspicious financial atmosphere and serious technical basis to speed up this process. That is why our primary mission is to bring a benefit to humanity and to create solutions which help business development and IT industry in general.

Our team consists of top-notch, experienced guru and young professionals who get taught by us. We are very serious in the process of choice of a new team member. All of them came through a selection before they can become a part of our team.

We pay significant attention to the project management process and effective methods of development of web applications. We always aim to keep our knowledge up to date – take part in training courses and try to be aware of the all new technologies (innovations) in the IT-world.

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Web Design

For businessmen who are ready to break the limits

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For organizations that want to add efficiency, competence, and modern technology to their organization

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Meet Our Team

Vladislav Umnov


Svyat Zhilichev


Kirill Volgin

Project Manager

Alex Smith


Valentin Orlov


Valeria Kazar'yants

Project Manager

Olga Kazimirova


Eldar Mavlikhanov


Vladimir Panov


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Russian Office:
119-a Dzerzhinskogo str,
Russia, Taganrog, 347900
+7 (495) 006-91-24

USA Office:
445 S Figueroa St 31 floor
USA, Los Angeles, 90071
+1 (213) 640-42-62

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