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The Client

Our client is the largest pool builder in the world. At the moment, the company has more than 60,000 built-to-order swimming pools and more than 40 offices in 27 States of the USA.



  1. Frequent loss of leads. Orders can be made via a phone call, but the lead data wasn’t always correctly recorded by the sales manager. Due to the large number of leads, not every one of them were able to provide the proper amount of attention in time, which led to the loss of the lead. In addition, communication with the lead or customer occurs through different mediums (email, phone call, messengers). This is why the main sense of a dialogue is lost and causes difficulties when it comes to the sales manager.
  2. Complexity of sales managers’ efficiency analysis. Metrics and graphs are needed to understand the KPI of each manager.
  3. Complex bureaucratic process of interaction between different departments, such as: sales department, development and construction department, subcontractors and accounting. Effective document flow between them is required. Further, it is necessary to take into account the number of divisions of the company and their territorial spread; therefore, a convenient division between offices is required.
  4. The lack of a convenient project management system, which leads to misunderstanding with the performers, non-compliance with deadlines and as a result – monetary losses.
  5. Accounting wastes time on manual transfer of transaction data to Quickbooks Online. It is necessary to simplify this process and to avoid errors.



It was decided to create a unique system that will guide the client from the lead, project management and ending with financial transactions. At the same time, the system should have functionality that clearly demonstrates the metrics of the effectiveness of managers and staff in general.

Beyond that, it should be a platform where each office can independently conduct its activities, and each department can work in its own separate zone of the system, while having the opportunity to communicate with other departments through internal chat, and maintain document flow along with customer communication at different stages of the project.

Implementation details

To solve this problem, a team was formed, consisting of 2 backend developers, 1 frontend, 1 product manager and 1 QA specialist.

All development was carried out using solutions from Atlassian: BitBucket, Confluence and Jira. For each task required, a solution was implemented.


We automatically collect leads from landing pages, email, Facebook and phone requests to our system. Call records, conversations with leads (later customers) via email or messengers are stored in the client card, which allows you to access the full history of the lead at any time.

The newly created lead is assigned to a free sales manager who will work with him, moving through the sales funnel. Each lead automatically creates tasks for the sales manager, such as: contact the lead, meet with the lead, and so on. Such a decision allows you not to lose sight of leads and always be in touch with them, bringing them closer to the conclusion of the transaction.

Each action of the sales manager is recorded. After completing some steps, the lead receives an email notification.

After signing the contract, the lead is converted into a customer and a project is created for it. Then it is passed on to the project manager.


For the ease of management, the project has different stages of readiness, which allows you to effectively plan the timing. Each stage of the project is reflected in the history, and each step has an email notification, both for the customer and for the entire project team.

The project manager creates tasks and sets deadlines in the calendar for the construction team and subcontractors, who also have their own interface for the projects.

The project holds all the paper reports that are manually loaded into it. It includes statements, payment orders, invoices, etc. It is also possible to download and print them.

After closing the project, we change the status and set the end date of the warranty, so that both parties know the terms of the warranty work.


Our system keeps all financial statements and considers the potential profit of each project. The data on the movement of funds are synchronized with the QuickBooksOnline system, which greatly simplifies the accounting process. It is even possible to calculate the loan. Any change in value instantly updates the amount of the estimated profit.


The “Accountability” section allows you to generate any report from the list, which has more than 71 items. For example, the number of leads for the last half month or reports on the company’s profits in the whole country for the last 5 years.

Also in this section, you can get the KPI of a particular employee, the frequency of non-compliance with deadlines or the percentage of conversion that he or she provides.

About the system

The system is divided into offices and divisions. After logging in, the owners of the company can change offices, view statistics, leads, projects, etc.

Different types of users are implemented in the system. Each type of user can be configured to access sections; there is a 2-factor authorization to ensure security.


The project is alive, constantly improving and bringing users the pleasure of working with the system.

At the moment, more than 10,000 leads have passed through the system, and about 100 projects are under construction.

Working on applications for mobile devices and tablets has begun to give the user the opportunity to make adjustments to the project directly on the construction site.



Q: Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?
A: The completion of this project will make our employees’ lives so much easier. Customer communication will improve dramatically and data entry will become a thing of the past in our business process, which will save us millions of dollars.
Q: How was project management arranged and how effective was it?
A: Newizze has been extremely easy to work with. My project manager Kirill accommodates my hours and makes himself accessible during my normal working hours. Project initiatives get completed in a timely fashion and communication is excellent.


Overall Score

The routinely exceed my expectations



On time / deadlines

transparent with development schedule and try their best to accommodate US working hours



Value within estimates

Flexible in regard to which service they are billing for and provide accurate estimates on timeline for completion of project initiatives



Service & deliverables

Extremely accurate work



Willing to refer

Have already referred them to clients, past customers and associates of mine

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