Overview of Magento development process.

Our main purpose and inspiration is to provide something unique and special to every e-commerce site that we get involved with by using the best designs and practices in our Magento sites.

We need to understand our client’s need, so we can know what we should offer, for this we need to speak with our potential customer, listen to his needs and expectations, express our point of view, our thoughts and ideas.
After the initial talk have been done, we’d love meet our customer or customer’s representative in person, to discuss the project’s mockup and every aspect of the upcoming collaboration.

Next stage would be on us, we’ll need to prepare an offer that would include price, project mockups, and our general view of the upcoming work, schedule of time frame and delivery date, etc.

The project in itself would undergo the following phases:

Creative Scrum
After our meeting, we’ll brainstorm the project agenda, in order to ensure everything is clear to both parties, to development team and to the product owner (A.K.A: our client).
We’ll create a Product backlog, which later on will be groomed into sprint backlogs, which will turn into scrum development process.

This would involve creating project appearance from the UX/UI sketches and mockups to the final approved appearance.

Engine logic creation and programming
E-commerce engine logic development, design allocation to the e-commerce engine, core functionality development, and advanced tools creation and embedding. This may take some time along with the design creation process.

Quality Assurance (QA)
In order to ensure high stability, business risk free environment, we’ll review the project to create a glitch list and eliminate them, we need the testing period to be on the agenda, and we need access to the site every two weeks in case we need to update the engine, or catch new engine wide issues and avoid inactivity of the project due to these issues.

Project delivery
Project delivery plans would be confirmed by both parties and we would follow the logic of the confirmed plan to complete migration on terms and provide a smooth transition.

After project is completed, we provide warranty to our customers, this will ensure their peace of mind, and will allow us to tackle any upcoming issues on time, before it affects our client’s business or our reputation as the development team.