How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System?

When we think of Customer Relationship Management software, our mind immediately jumps to products like Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot. These CRMs are no doubt highly advanced when it comes to their functionality, but what is the most basic element of a CRM software?

A CRM system consists of an approach that allows an organization to manage the interaction taking place between the organization and all of its potential or existing clients. 

An organization can derive enormous benefits with the use of a CRM by primarily analyzing data about their history with a customer. This data helps them to come up with the best possible approach or processes that will further allow that organization to boost their relationship with customers and ultimately bring in more sales

In this article, our main focus will be exploring a CRM development cost.

Table of contents:

  • Types of CRM Software
    • Operational Systems
    • Analytical Systems
    • Strategic Systems
    • Collaborative Systems
  • Core Features of a CRM System
    • For Sales Teams
    • Account and Lead Management
    • Advanced Sales Analytics
    • Sales Planning & Forecasting
    • For Marketing Teams
    • Marketing Campaign Management
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Marketing Analytics
    • For Customer Support Teams
    • Help Desk & Agent Console
    • Knowledge Base
    • Service Analytics
  • Cost to Build an Average CRM System
  • Cost to Develop a Custom CRM Software
  • Conclusion

Types of CRM Software

A CRM tool can have different versions depending on the functionality offered. These different kinds of systems help in addressing issues related to your business at various levels. Continue reading to know more about the types of CRM systems.

Operational Systems

The main aim of operational CRM systems is to zoom in in order to meet an organization’s short term goals. It can also help in meeting objectives related to sales, marketing, and service automation.

Analytical Systems

These types of CRMs are built with the intent of analyzing the facts and figures of any specific consumer to figure out the most likely course of action which a customer might be taking. The data for analysis is provided by the operational systems CRM to the analytical systems CRM.

Strategic Systems

The main aim of this CRM system is to build up a knowledge base by gathering the required user data. Later, that knowledge base is used to support different types of long-run customer relationships. 

Collaborative Systems

These types of CRM systems can aid an organization in synchronizing all sorts of conversations that might take place with the customer across various channels via website, calls, social network, or email.

It is notable that all different types of CRM systems are actually interconnected to one another. This is specifically true for CRM tools employed at the company’s level. 

These different CRM segments exist to address all sorts of issues prevailing in business operations. The cost of CRM software can also vary depending upon its type. Readers should learn about the different types of CRM system if they plan to look use custom CRM software building services.

Core Features of a CRM System

According to various reports, organizations that leverage CRM software are able to experience a considerable percentage of growth in terms of sales, customer support, and marketing. Even CRM systems are also known for raising the sales conversion rate up to a total of 300%!

However, before developing CRM software, one should learn the importance of integrating it into their business. We have provided you with a list of core features to help guide you in this. The list is divided into three different parts to differentiate the areas which businesses often seek to improve their practices: marketing, sales, and customer support. 

For Sales Teams

Account and Lead Management

The most basic function of any CRM is to manage the current customer’s profiles. It is the everyday job of the sales team in any organization to handle all data related to already existing customers, adding new leads, converting all potential leads as soon as possible, and creating new accounts on the basis of successful deals. 

Hence, it becomes vital that businesses should first try to make these everyday processes more efficient and quicker to complete. If one introduces CRM into its system, all of these functionalities are available on a single click. There are also other options like sorting, filtering, and grouping which users can employ to make their tasks easier.

Advanced Sales Analytics

This is another vital feature that any CRM must have. This feature allows sales representatives and experts to use a holistic sales outlook in the form of a diagram. These diagrams can then be used to look into sales trends over any particular period of time. 

One can also enforce drag-and-drop options or various filters to enhance the data representation. Data can also be marked according to location, color, or timeline.

Sales Planning & Forecasting

In any organization, the marketing department is accountable for providing all sales managers with the required data that will help them to come up with the best possible sales plan. Sales managers can approach sales records and analytics to improve future trends. A CRM should be able to help an organization to achieve all these functions and should further set it in a forward calendar instead of a document-based design. 

This advanced calendar can be used by a sales expert to add notes, detailed planned events, and objectives; describe strategies; and ensure that the most deserving sales team members are assigned to handle each task efficiently.

For Marketing Teams

Marketing Campaign Management

The biggest feature which any CRM should provide the marketing team is to set up a module allowing the marketing team to evolve the most preferable plan to handle their marketing events and thus reach the highest peak of success

It should enable the marketing team experts to create events, add information related to those events, deal with financial matters, and assign the most suitable marketer to the events. It is also desirable if the software can allow proper communication to take place between the marketing experts through emails and messaging functionalities.

Customer Segmentation

Reaching all customers with a similar zeal and approach is not an effective plan in the long run. Hence, it is essential for marketing team members to divide the customers into various segments on the basis of the most profitable group and least profitable group. CRM should provide users with this function in the form of ideal charts that can later be scrutinized, filtered, and modified.

Marketing Analytics

CRM should always allow organizations to observe the level of success or failure of any particular marketing approach or strategy. This will allow the organization to identify the most successful campaign and use the approaches of that campaign to get a better Return on Investment (ROI) in the future. 

The interface for the marketing analytical tools should be user-friendly and should allow the users to include fresh graphs and watch them in actual time. It is important to keep these features in mind while you might be trying to build your own CRM system.

For Customer Support Teams

Help Desk & Agent Console

In a CRM, a customer support team should look for the ability to recognize customer requests through various channels like emails, tweets, messages, chats, or calls. There should be a significant interface for all these requests so that customer support team members can allocate tickets and manage customers’ lists by applying different approaches.

Knowledge Base

The main aim of a knowledge base is to make the customer support tool easy to use. It will allow users to save, amend, and produce all of the required work.

Service Analytics

While trying to create a CRM software, keep a note that it should have the capability to gather statistics related to the customer document issues, customer applications, and trace the time consumed to resolve customer queries. The data should be compiled and organized from all possible sources.

In the next section, we will discussreaders will be able to learn about the cost to build a CRM app.

Cost to Build an Average CRM System

We understand that developing a highly customized CRM system can leave a big hole in your pocket. So, if you think that getting an average CRM system can work for you then you should just look into the development cost for that. 

It is important to remember that even though it might be an ‘average’ CRM system, there is still a lot of planning, resources, and hard work that goes into development. Hence, you should not expect it to come cheap. And according to various sources, you can estimate the typical cost of CRM development services to be somewhat around $17,620

Keep in mind that this is not a fixed price and this average cost of CRM development services can also vary from company to company based on who is providing you this service or according to the features you are looking for. In the next section, readers will be able to learn about the cost to build your own CRM.

Cost to Develop a Custom CRM Software

If a business is large enough and if it is growing at an exponential rate, then getting an average CRM system will not work for you. The best bet is to get customized CRM software that is made to match all the specific needs of the organization. 

However, such a CRM may cost you more than your estimates as it will be custom-made for your company. And as per the current estimates, if you wish to build a CRM from scratch then it could end up costing you anything from $94,800 to $696,000! However, a custom CRM development cost can vary depending upon the features you are seeking, who you are getting this service from, and many other important considerations.


The cost to develop a custom CRM might be a huge investment for many organizations to do all at once. That’s why we at Newizze are on a mission to provide organizations with the best CRM development services at a reasonable development cost. We have talented, experienced, and hard working experts on our side who make sure that we continue to provide CRM development services to customers at a reasonable rate. 

No matter what your requirements are you can rest assured that our experts at Newizze will provide you with the best solution by putting their intelligence and experience to good use.

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