Let us take a look

Those were long and productive 8 years, when our team was involved in creating turn-key Magento solutions for our valued customers. This allowed us to build a great portfolio of completed projects with wide range of different end-customers categories. Such a long path has filled us with the insights of successful businesses and site creation and maintenance approach, approach to a conversion rate and end-user performance improvements.

We offer quality site audits that would allow you to get an idea what your business lacks from being ideal on the market, and this may be crucial in further business development, improvement acceptance and developing a roadmap for improvements. Our professionals’ side glance will give you an idea of needed changes. Of course it is always up to customers whether he really needs them or not. Risks and costs are included in the evaluation.

In our audit we consider the following categories:

Site Usability
In order to maintain customers flow and satisfaction, we need to make sure everything works in a customer-friendly manners, so the site usability is concerned as a top priority. At the end site-audit beneficiary receives our findings and it is up to him which of them to consider.

Back and forth tests
Business logic validation and extensive tests.

Is your business ready for the expansion? If changes are on the agenda, they need to be added easily. Scalability needs to be thought of and implemented in an effective way, once that is done correctly the ability to grow wouldn’t be a concern anymore.

Payment and customer’s personal data security are always a TOP priority; We are always on it with the patches and updates, so there business is totally covered by migration to Magento2 platform.

We make sure that our sites are fast on loading and performing, which will allow the users to fall in love with it’s speed and “easy to use” approach. At our final audit report we offer roadmap with the needed fixes and patches to make that your system is functional, fast, and always on it’s top performance.