Get your own extension

Extensions expertise doesn’t come in a day or week, to get an experience in creating extension, it takes years of development experience. And we have this by leading and following market trends! For last 8 years our team created a portfolio of great projects where extensions were not the last position on our agenda.

Magento has a great potential of communication and intersystem data exchange, embedding several systems or serving as an independent platform. Magento’s API is extremely customizable and supports customs implementations. Our experience includes Klevu and Ometria interaction.

Support is bombed with queries if anything works improperly, so by knowing this we make our extensions operational even in unusual conditions, developed architecture is designed the way to reduce any modules conflicts. Extensions of Magento and PHP versions work in conjunction with the Magento engine, so we are dedicated to design them to support smooth work when it actually released to the free internet and e-commerce media.

Technical documentation, guidelines and staff trainings are provided to ensure your final satisfaction and architecture familiarity and understanding. New implementations are needed to be explained, FAQ list created, and our extension job creation and intrusion is considered completed when the customer understands what we implemented, how to interact with the new extensions, and how to benefit from them.

Foreseeing questions and issues in transitional period we continue supporting customers with diagnostic and issues verifications. Normally this is done in a warranty timeframe, so this is predominantly needed to cover all questions coming up from customers, but in case customer needs additional support after warranty expirations we are happy to cover this with additional agreement.

Nowadays it is considered as a great advantage to work on a Magento platform, however each part understands that maintenance and support needs to be provided in time and in a nice time-frames, when these are needed. Continues improvement and attention is needed to be timely offered and provided in a comprehensive manner.

Our support is provided in 3 different levels / priorities, it is categorized by the issue complexity. Support level approach is described in detailed in a Service Legal Agreement (SLA).

These three levels are low priority bugs, medium priority and high priority. High priority is always a zero downtime deployment, and Jira tickets are taken immediately.

Staging, its severity and time for testing implementation would be described in our terms and conditions, and individual agreement. Test plan will include all stages and actual result implementations. Once review process and all tests are done, it would be implemented immediately.

Our Senior Certified Magento Developers specialists would be conducting the support and improvement issues for the roadmap and final testing, and this is done to ensure testing would include all needed procedures are went thru and absolute compatibility is achieved. This is beside the issues list, which needs to be covered to consider work done.

Our key idea and motto is constant improvement, we keep our team up-to-date with the latest industrial news and the latest and freshest issues known. We keep ourselves sharp to promote e-commerce smooth experience for our customers, we believe that investments in technologies bring us the greatest outcome. Larger projects investments offer complex challenges and extreme growth potential, with us and Magento 2 it is secured in terms of organization and technical issues.