Multi-Store and Multi-Language Furniture Shop



Furny was planned to be a multi-website, multi-store view and multi-lingual project. Aside from 3rd part extensions integration, we had to implement several custom solutions. Another requirement was to re-build default Magento 2 two-step checkout to fir customer needs.

We’ve made sure to make all customizations based on Magento 2 on plugins, observers and frontend official guidelines. It keeps project code clean and updated, eliminating the possibility of compatibility collisions.

The project and its revenue grow from year to year, keeping Magento 2 version up-to-date and getting new functionality regularly.


We set up Magento 2 server using Nginx, PHP 7.1.20, MySQL 5.7.23, Composer for PHP packages management, Sphinx search, knockout.js.


Magento 2 plugin system is clean and flexible, allowing to use 3rd party extension and develop our own for anything customer needs.


We use Varnish & Redis (built-in Magento 2 features) for caching and session management. We write mobile-first and DRY CSS code and use less and gulp for obfuscation.


We follow mobile-first and DRY concepts writing css codes, which results in a clean & responsive layout.

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